JP Haggarty (CU)


This week's's Player of the Week is Cuthberton's JP Haggarty. Haggarty helped the Cuthbertson Cavaliers to a 2-0 record with wins over Parkwood and Monroe. JP scored 27 points, grabbed 9 rebounds along with 9 steals and 3 blocks in the two SCC wins. The Cavs have won 4 games in a row and will take on Charlotte Catholic and Weddington this week. Congrats JP!

# 0
Position Forward
Height 6'3
Grade Sophomore
Honorable Mention Forest Hills' Nas Tyson
Honorable Mention Piedmont's Cade Tyson
Honorable Mention Monroe's Shaleak Knotts
Honorable Mention Weddington's Chase Lowe
Honorable Mention Porter Ridge's Cameron Stitt
Honorable Mention Marvin Ridge's Garrett Bohannan
Honorable Mention Sun Valley's Dorian Shinhoster
Honorable Mention Union Academy's Jalen Anderson

Maddie Dillinger (CU)

This week's's Player of the Week is Cuthbertson's Maddie Dillinger. Maddie helped lead the Cuthbertson Cavaliers 2-0 record with wins over Monroe and Parkwood. Ms. Dillinger scored 35 points, grabbed 17 rebounds, 5 steals and blocked 8 shots in the two wins. Congrats Maddie!!!

# 22
Position Forward
Height 6'0
Grade Sophomore
Honorable Mention Marvin Ridge's Kyndall Shivers
Honorable Mention Cuthbertson's Lauryn Hardiman
Honorable Mention Monroe's Jasmine Reddick
Honorable Mention Weddington's Karrah Katzbach
Honorable Mention Piedmont's Oliva Jordan
Honorable Mention Forest Hills' Hope Benson
Honorable Mention Sun Valley's Eber Anyanwu
Honorable Mention Union Academy's Savanna Brooks

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